Monday, July 26, 2010

Davida's Farm

horseback riding at Davida's Farm
My family are big fans of Davida's Farm. Located on Moshav Yishi, it's just minutes from Ramat Beit Shemesh, and is loads of fun for everyone.

The farm has a petting area (rabbits, hamsters, turtles and other assorted critters) as well as horses, a camel, some goats and woolly sheep.

You can feed the animals (make sure to bring some apple cores for the horses) milk some of 'em, and even go horseback riding (for kids age 2 and up). However, there are no cows, so bovine-lovers will need to head over to Kibbutz Tzora.

water slides at Davida's Farm
In the heat of the summer, there are super-fun, water trampolines and slides which keeps the kids wet, cool, and smiling. (If you really want a full-body splash, head over to the gorgeous, private Yishi pool.)

They also have a "pot-your-own-flowers" activity where you guessed it, pot your own flowers to beautify your home.

Lastly, they have a great tractor/cart ride for the whole family where you can bounce into the hills for some incredible views and fresh, herb scented air.

For more info, call Davida at 050-573-9899 or 02-991-0061.

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