Thursday, July 15, 2010

Private Pool on Moshav Yishi

It’s summertime, it’s mega-hot and the kids are going bonkers.
For my family, the best place to chill out and beat the heat is the gorgeous, private out-door pool on Moshav Yishi. The pool is owned by Menachem and Deena Mendlowitz (originally from Monsey, NY and Toronto respectively), and is availale for families on an hourly basis.

The pool itself, the beautifully landscaped grounds, and the showers/changing rooms are clean and perfectly maintained.

Pool on Moshav Yishi
With shade, great views, comfy lounge chairs and even a BBQ, the poolside ambience really allows a family to unwind and feel like they are on vacation somewhere in Southern California (or 5 minutes from Ramat Beit Shemesh-whatever floats your boat).

In addition, Mendlowitz has a lovely guest house that can host about 60 guests. It’s perfect for large family get-togethers, school Shabbatonim and other events. Everything is tastefully designed and fits with the rustic Moshav atmosphere.

For more info, call Menachem at 052-595-5073.


  1. Really one of the nicest pools I have ever had the pleasure of swimming in.

  2. Yaffé! Kol haKavode!

    Rob - MinPhoenix, Arizona, USA

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